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Christmas Year-Round in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee: The Inn at Christmas Place

Here's a look into our long weekend trip to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and the time we spent at the beautiful Christmas themed hotel, The Inn at Christmas Place.

Christmas is pretty much our favorite time of year.  Any time there is something Christmas themed, I love to check it out.  So, when my husband discovered this gem, we both knew we had to make this trip happen and make our way to Tennessee. 

We spent President’s Day weekend at The Inn at Christmas Place in Pigeon Forge and were completely blown away.  If I was a child, I would have one hundred percent believed that this place was the North Pole.  Since we went in February, the colder weather definitely added to the magic, especially coming from a more southern state, but I’m sure it would be just as special at any time of year. 

According to their website, Peak Season is July, October, November and December, Heavy Season is April, May, June, August, and September, and Off Season is January, February, and March.  We were there during the off season and I was surprised how many people were staying there!  It would definitely be a sight to see during Peak Season, we can’t wait to plan our next trip back and experience all this place has to offer!

Entrance to The Inn at Christmas Place

The magic starts on the drive up as you arrive and enter the parking lot.  I highly recommend arriving after sunset or right before, if timing permits.  All the Christmas lights that completely cover the parking lot and all the trees leading up to the beautiful Bavarian style hotel set such a beautiful scene and introduce you to what you are about to experience.  Being able to see the lights lit up simply add to the wow factor. 

At most points in the day there are charming bellmen, straight out of the Polar Express, at the front entrance to greet you and open/hold the door.  They may not be there if you arrive too late in the day but you will see them throughout your stay.  The beautifully decorated lobby and giant fireplace just fill the space with the feeling of Christmas, no matter what time of year.  You are greeted by friendly employees as you enter and head to the reception desk.  They even say “Merry Christmas” after you check in. 

There is a complimentary coffee and cider station set up in the lobby during the day and cookies served nightly between 8-10pm at the front desk.  Their Christmas coffee literally tastes like Christmas in a cup and the cookie flavors change but there seemed to usually be chocolate chip cookies and an additional flavor.  We had to buy some of their signature coffee to bring home because we were going to miss it so much.  Between the front desk and the coffee station was a fun photo booth set up that you could send yourself photos and boomerangs from and next to the front entrance was a bird cage with birds.  So many things to explore in even just the lobby of this beautiful Christmas-themed hotel!

Christmas-Themed Hotel: Decorations

There are Christmas trees and decorations everywhere.  There is even a scavenger hunt with a list you can pick up from the front desk to find the different displays on every floor.  There are many scheduled activities throughout the day, all optional, that really add to the Christmas spirit.  There is a beautiful, huge Glockenspiel that plays Christmas music on the hour between 9am and 9pm in the lower lobby.  You can also see it from the main lobby level on the balcony that overlooks the lower level.  There is also an outdoor space with seating that overlooks the lower patio area.

On the lower level there are comfy chairs to gather with your friends around the fire, under the Glockenspiel.  There’s an area for children to write letters to Santa, hallways leading to the indoor pool and fitness center and there are more elaborate decorations that continue throughout.  There are doors to the exterior patio on the lower level as well.  They are currently undergoing construction of their new outdoor pool area and have great deals because of that.  We can’t wait to come back and see it when it’s completed.  They were making great progress while we were there and the newly renovated patio areas were completed and we were able to enjoy the new fire pit areas and fiber optic lights throughout.  They truly brought the Christmas theme throughout and it is all very well done. 

There were also concerts with a “Singing Santa” in the evenings at 8:05 pm.  It was on Saturday night the weekend we were there.  His concert begins after the Glockenspiel plays two Christmas tunes and then he begins.  It was very entertaining and the children in the crowd really loved it.  They all came in their pajamas and milk and cookies were served after.  We appreciated that along with your standard Christmas carols, Santa also sang about the birth of Jesus and “the reason for the season”.  It was clearly displayed throughout the hotel, with beautiful nativity displays and many works of art displaying Santa with Jesus.  Another thing we found fun was the amount of groups and families that brought matching Christmas pajamas and would wear them to breakfast and the concerts, etc.  You can also watch some of the Santa concerts on the guest room televisions any time of day.  There is a lot of flexibility to enjoy your vacation the way you want to without missing out on the fun!

Nativity Above the Lobby

Continental Breakfast Included

Also on the lower level is the Breakfast Room where their included continental breakfast is served between 7-10 am.  There was a great omelet station, scrambled eggs, pastries, doughnuts, potatoes, toasts, bagels, meats, yogurts, cereals, fruit, oatmeal, and your standard breakfast items.  The items rotated every day.  There was a variety of juices and milks along with tea and their famous coffee.  Once you fill up your tray you can go across the hall to a conference room that has tables you can sit at and enjoy your breakfast and the winter artwork displayed.  There was a very nice attendant who would go around making sure everyone had what they needed and would help clear plates and trays to make more room.  She would also give suggestions of what would be fun to do around Pigeon Forge and the surrounding area based on the weather forecast. 

We opted to spend some time in The Great Smoky Mountains National Park which is only a short drive with lots of beautiful scenery.  The elevators also have loads of information including the schedule for the day and the next day, (i.e. “Singing Santa Concert”, smores in the fire pits, etc.) and the weather forecast.  Santa was at a few of our breakfasts in front of the large Christmas tree outside of the breakfast room taking pictures and meeting with whoever took the time to.  They also advertise “Character Visits” from March-December so I would love to see who else they bring in other than Santa Claus.

Smoky Mountains National Park

Explore the Inn!

On the dreary, rainy days that you just want to hang out in your guest room or suite, there are many things to do.  It’s nice to spend some time in the hotel as they’ve spent so much effort in creating such a beautiful and entertaining space.  In addition to the Christmas Decor Displays Scavenger Hunt, you can also check out Christmas movies and board games from the front desk.  The rooms have DVD players and many channels to choose from, including the yule log channel when you first turn on the television.  There is an indoor pool and hot tub, which was usually packed with kids during our stay, and they will soon have a beautiful new Christmas-themed outdoor pool experience that will be sure to please. 

Christmas-Themed King Room

We had a King Room which included a king sized bed (with cute Christmas pillows and the option to buy your own mattress and bring it home), a sleeper sofa, a whirlpool tub in the room, a full sized Christmas tree, a gas fireplace, tons of Christmas decorations, and a balcony overlooking the mountains and Pigeon Forge.  We were absolutely in love with the Christmas decor in our room and it was so relaxing watching movies or the yule log (with Christmas music) and enjoying the fireplace by the lit Christmas tree.

Long Story Short.

Long story short - We absolutely LOVED our stay at The Inn at Christmas Place and would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone and we can not wait to go back ourselves.  They have specials and promotions throughout the year, so be sure to follow them for more information.  They even have an “Elf Rewards Program”, starting with your second stay, when you book directly through their website ( or by calling them directly.  There are rooms for all sizes and needs from Double Queen Rooms to their Santa Suite, there’s something for everyone.  They rotate out the Christmas decorations so it’s different every time you go.  We met many people who said they’ve been staying there for years and there is new fun every time. There is so much to explore and do in Pigeon Forge alone. From dinner theater shows to Dollywood, Smoky Mountain National Park, The Incredible Christmas Place store across the street, and many other museums and attractions, having a new experience every visit while staying in a familiar place is such a treat.  The Inn at Christmas Place is a calm oasis in this busy little town and we can not wait to book our next trip with them! Our pictures don't nearly do this beautiful hotel justice, so you should definitely check it out in person and let us know what you think! 

Merry Christmas Ya’ll!



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